Jun 22, 2015


If you find yourself hungry and in Paris, or frankly in Paris at all, I'd say Hai Kai is not to be missed. Since it was merely a last minute local dinner recommendation from my hotel, in a moment of hangry desperation, I can't say I had high expectations. However, it was easily the best dinner I had in my month in France.

Owner Gaby Benicio makes you feel so welcome, you might think you're dining in a friend's trendy (yet cozy) Parisian apartment. As fun as it's confetti-tape sign purports, it's also the most creative meal I've had in a long time. Chef Amélie Darvas serves playful dishes, where unexpected flavors come to mingle.  One course was a broth so frothy and savory, that it prompted me to start telling my friend about my favorite bone broth recipe. Only later we found out the stock was made simply, "from bread." I couldn't believe my ears... or my taste buds.

Hai Kai's menu changes daily, according to fresh local market deliveries and seasonal ingredients. Prepare to be wowed.
Hai Kai's decor is colorful and fun

Restaurant decor with wine bottles. Modern and vintage work together to create cozy atmosphere
Hai Kai store front with tape sign is whimsical and fun