Jul 27, 2015


The way your house smells - like a lifetime of love and laughter and some kind of amazing perfume; If I could only bottle it up and keep it.

Your voice. Your laugh. Your warmth. Your hands. Your love. The way you'd say "ho-ney," drawing it out long and sweet, like you were the one who gave the word its meaning when you spoke of any one of us. 

The way you'd make me laugh so hard telling one of your hilarious stories, I'd cry. The way you were always so beautiful, in every way - completely timeless. The way I'd dread saying goodbye to you most of all whenever I had to leave home. We'd both cry our faces off until we were soggy messes. You'd press some money into my hand like a secret hand shake and remind me to "do something nice" for myself... 

The way you made everyone feel so special. The way you made everyone feel so loved.

Juanita Boone Wisman, they broke the mold when they made you. I love you so much. Rest in peace, my dear Nannie.

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