Apr 26, 2013


I'm currently reworking the images on my website and looking through old archives - stay tuned for new stuff! An overhaul is long overdue.  Revisiting photos, I found some from a trip I took to Italy towards the end of last year. This trip meant so much to me on a lot of personal levels - both before I went and especially now that it's over - so looking back made me smile. I could wax poetic about Italy for ages. The feeling you get walking in Florence (in a way it feels like nothing has changed since Michelangelo and Leonardo walked the same streets), the incredible art everywhere (David brought me to my knees), Venice sunrises while the city still sleeps, getting lost in the maze that is Venice, sipping on Negronis in the midday sun, the cappuccino in tiny cups, the gelato.... ohhh, the gelato. I could go on...
Here are some of my favorite images from the trip.

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