Aug 8, 2012


I was lucky to be able to work with the lovely Robin of Swallow Tail Canada shooting a secret supper club recently, where red wine and BBQ were the themes of the evening. Red wine and BBQ - can't go wrong there, right? Summer has finally arrived here in Vancouver, just in time for everyone to enjoy dining outside in the gorgeous gardens at the secret location. Sunshine even made a guest appearance (and if you live in the Pacific NW, you know how scarce that's been these days).

The family style dinner was a delicious 5 courses, which included fig wood smoked duck confit, ribs, and the most amazing barbecue chicken I've tasted in recent memory (I'm talking awesome chicken). Thanks to Robin, her crew, and everyone there for such a fun evening!

Guests brought their own red wine from a list Robin recommendedGuests enjoyed red wine recommendations from Robin
The gardens at the secret location added amazing ambience
Green beans were one of the side dishes served
One of the five courses: duck confit
The chicken gets cooked in Robin's grill, custom made from an olive oil barrel
Chicken breast cooking on the barbecue
Guests eat five courses in a garden at the secret location
Portrait of Robin Kort, Chef and Sommelier

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